The Bestest

The Bestest

The Bestest Mommy Ever is the mom who loves her children and does the best she can.

Were you expecting something more profound and complicated? Nah.

Well, to be sure, raising children can be complicated. And expensive. And tiring. And downright hard.

And add to that the ever changing expectations and opinions of motherhood, set forth by everyone from physicians, to psychologists, the latest study, your mother, your grandmother and your neighbor’s grandmother. It’s enough to make you start to question whether you’re doing this right after all.

I started this blog as way to exchange ideas with other moms.  I want to sift through the noise of best parenting tips to share what works for me and what could work for you.

Photo credit: Stacey Madison

I’m a married mom of two–a toddler and a 13 month old. I’m a freelance journalist, a writer and a news hound. I’m also a spiritual person.

My life is full and rewarding and hectic and exciting and sometimes downright miserable. We all have our days.  So how do we get through them? I’ll share my life hacks — coffee and a desire for wine when I’m FINALLY DONE NURSING– and I’ll blog about what other moms do to stay happy and productive and raise thriving, growing children.

I’ll write about recipes that keep my kid from eating Cheerios all day everyday.  I’ll blog about trends and research that I find interesting or even controversial.

Ixnay on the mommy guilt. No judging either. Because most of are just trying to make it to the end of the day.  The Bestest Mommy Ever is the mom who loves her children and does the best she can.

And that’s the most anyone should ask for.




8 thoughts on “The Bestest

  1. I love reading stories about moms who are rocking the freelance lifestyle! I’m just dipping my toes in for now, but it is inspiring to see other women bringing their awesome to the world. I look forward to reading more!

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