Bestest Monday Ever

Bestest Monday Ever

It’s Monday morning. I’m not a morning person at all. Typically I hit my peak around 2pm after the 2nd cup of coffee kicks in and the kids are napping.

But I stayed in my pajamas yesterday and sat on the couch for most of Sunday. I caught up on some reading, watched TV. And let the kids watch tv. I felt guilty about it, a little, but honestly it felt great. I recharged my mommy batteries so this Monday morning could happen:

  1.  I pumped 12 ounces of milk.
  2. I jogged and walked 2.2 miles. 
  3. I fed the 13 month old homemade sweet potatoes for breakfast.  The toddler ate cheerios. 
  4. I put in a load of laundry.
  5.  And then we watched a You Tube video about volcanoes and practiced writing the letter V.
  6.  And we made these crafts inspired by a pinterest post depicting volcanoes and the letter V. 

I had a cup of coffee before all of this happened. Because with coffee, all things are possible. 

It’s noon now. Time for a nap. 

#bestestmommyever #visforvolcano # crafts #homeschool #breastfeedingmoms


4 thoughts on “Bestest Monday Ever

  1. “Because with coffee, all things are possible.” I’m not a coffee-drinker per se, but that play on words is winning! Lol!

    I find this is me almost every day and I gotta snap out of it. Earlier, I was a mess emotionally but now, at 3, while the sun is beaming & it looks like a great day for a walk, the baby goes down for a nap. :-/ Welp, mommy’s tired too! So I’ll try to get my life tomorrow. It’s good to take some time to recharge. Glad today was a better day for you!


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