Put the crib in mama’s room, according to new sleep guidelines for babies

Put the crib in mama’s room, according to new sleep guidelines for babies

Here’s another recommendation guaranteed to help you get EVEN LESS sleep.

Putting the baby in their own crib or bassinet in the same room as their parents is the best way to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), according to new guidance from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Continue putting the baby to sleep on their backs too, according to the guidelines, without any pillows, sheets, stuffed animals and all those accessories that look cute, but can actually be hazardous for babies. NPR provides a good summary of the updated recommendations.

Baby Z at six months in the bassinet. And STILL in our room.

Reading that a baby should sleep in the same room as parents, even up to one year, is hard to digest. But honestly I don’t know how a new mom avoids this, especially when you have to feed or nurse a newborn every two to three hours around the clock. It’s easier to just get the baby from a bassinet near the bed than to walk into another room to sit in a chair and nurse.

Plus, I’m one of those moms who checks on the baby every few hours anyway, putting my hand to their nose and mouth to make sure they’re still breathing.

Sometimes I am nostalgic about the newness and cuteness of having a newborn, but then I think about the sleepless nights, getting engorged as my milk supply adjusts and crazy hormones. Yeah I’m good, I don’t miss it.

Do you remember the first few days home with your newborn?  Did your baby sleep in the room with you or did you have a nursery set up from day one?


One thought on “Put the crib in mama’s room, according to new sleep guidelines for babies

  1. I used to actually sleep with my baby on my chest (not recommend). I had trouble always getting up to feed for the first few days so that was my solution. He also slept with me, I didn’t know about a bassinet then and at the time I didn’t trust a crib. I was afraid I would forget about him (sounds crazy I know). I think all of the stories about the SIDS didn’t help either.
    That point about the baby sleeping in the same room with you for up to one year, HA, try 6 😨.


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