The Simple Things

The Simple Things

I’m learning how to keep it simple. Low-budget activities. Lower stress lifestyle. Less expensive outings.

Sometimes I over do it, trying to be the Bestest Mommy Ever. I’m always trying do my best, but typically it also means doing too much. It’s the perfectionist in me, and since I’m not perfect, well, I fall short. A lot.

The kids don’t notice anyway. They just want to have fun and be with the people they love.

So while I’m trying to take them to Disney World (again), all they really want to do is go to the playground.

I had a list of activities that I wanted the kids to do this summer and fall. Go apple-picking. Watch the solar eclipse. Take a day trip to walk through some caves. Throw an art party with 12 of their friends. Go to the beach.

We actually did most of the activities on my list. But I have to tell you, I was exhausted after each one of them (the solar eclipse was free and an awesome experience). And my pockets hurt! We spent $75 apple picking! Not including filling up the tank to drive an hour and a half to the orchard! Because we also had to eat the funnel cakes. And jump in the bouncy house. And buy the homemade ice cream. And pumpkin butter.

When did having fun get so expensive?

The most fun we had was last weekend, in our backyard, around the fire pit. It was an impromptu get-together. Five of our grown-up friends came. I didn’t cook and told everyone not to expect food. Our kids learned to make smores and that was their dinner. Don’t judge, they fine.

We listened to music on our phones and swapped stories. And we had the best time.

Right in our own backyard.


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